A story of a man and his shadow

…a black and white cartoon with the real actors …

with Giuseppe Semeraro, Dario Cadei, Leone Marco Bartolo
production: Giuseppe Semeraro
live original music:  Leone Marco Bartolo
light designer: Otto Marco Mercante


A black and white cartoon, a mute movie with two actors in flesh and bones.

At the beginning the stage is empty, only the light fades in and then an apparently ordinary man, enters the stage and builds his house of invisible bricks and white lines to design the borders between in and out. The man and his faithful balloon have a simple, harmonious life until a naughty figure dressed in black, a bit scary but funny at the same time, breaks the harmony of the man’s life.

The dynamic between the man and the black naughty character is a simple and lively, ironic tale on the eternal fight between good and evil, life and death, darkness and light, love and hate. A mute fable on the ostensible impossibility to reconcile these eternal opposites. A “noir” backed up by the devilish creative inventions of the musician who shapes the scene with rhythm, sounds and noises. Eventually the two characters slowly give place to an involving and redeeming dance.

more than 350 times all round the world