with Cristina Mileti, Francesca Randazzo
directed by Cristina Mileti, Francesca Randazzo
ligth design Marco Oliani


Hanà and Momò is the story of two girls separated by a circular space made of sand, where they  meet and play creating imaginative inventions. Momò has no intention to share her toys with the intrusive friend; she prefers to concentrate on her drawings on the sand. Even Haná would like to do this, but hampered by the arrogance of Momò that forces her into a small portion of space, answers teasing with his outlandish creations. So the giant fish designed by Momo will be forced to abdicate in favor of a flying snake created from Hana … A progressive and exciting challenge between children where hostility will give space to the evolution of games, made possible only thanks to the contamination of the protagonists and their relentless creativity. The moves of their clash will be dictated by the capacity  to surprise and overcome the imaginative skills of the opponent. Through the invention of micro stories we have a play punctuated by continuous actions and reactions where paper butterflies, a puzzle to solve, treasures to be discovered will involve the two protagonists infecting the audience.