Children’s Theater / Street Theatre


EOLO AWARD PRIZE 2010:  best performance for kids and young people – Italy
PADOVA PRIZE 2010: National Festival for kids and young people – Italy
Finalist “Scenario”Infanzia” prize 2008 –Italy

with Giuseppe Semeraro, Dario Cadei, Leone Marco Bartolo
production Giuseppe Semeraro
live original music Leone Marco Bartolo
ligh designer Otto Marco Mercante


scheda artistica

…a dream, a nightmare maybe a game…

A black a white cartoon, a mute movie with two actors in flesh and bones. A man and his faithful ballon and a naughty figure dressed in black, fight along a white square, an ideal room of invisible bricks.

The peculiarity of this work is the total absence of a text. A plain and ironic tale on the eternal fight between good and evil, life and death, darkness and light, love and hate.!

A mute fable on the impossiibility to reconncile these eternal opposites.

A “noir” backed up by the devilish inventions of the musician who shapes the scene with rithm and noises. Eventually the two carachters slowly give placet o an involving and redeeming dance.

a silent show / duration: 55mn
age: +5 years old / all public


        “The physical performance is precise, placement mostly pitch perfect with the live sound effects and musical backdrop which is atmospheric, dreamy in places and reminded me of William Ackerman. The use of a live music sound score – for mood, sound effects, and to paid the narrative flow, is among the finest I have seen at this year’s Fringe. Silent movie chase scenes, knockabout physical comedy, some of the set pieces reminded me of the original Pink Panther cartoons. Plenty of comedy arises from the simple opposition set up between two characters – light and shadow. It’s all whacky, wonderful, and the children often exploding with laughter and delight. They manage the tempo of the set pieces with well chosen timing. They vary the mood and we quickly move from calm to chaos in an instant. The unpredictability of some moments is complemented by other “he’s behind you!” pantomime, and the two performers are excellent comedy foils for each other who can move from a whack to a hug in a second”.


        Paul Levy

        Higly Recommended Show - Fringe Rewiev

        “A Story of a Man and His Shadow is the pick of the bunch. Cadei plays a contented hermit; a Mr Bean-ish man who is afraid of his own shadow. And well might he be, mind you, given that his shadow (Guiseppe Semeraro) is a dark, beaked skeleton in a top hat, who creeps round the house like the Child
        Catcher. What follows is a runaround piece of high-energy cartoonish clowning. Semeraro knocks on one door; Cadei opens the other. Semeraro turns up with a club; Cadei winds up with it and unwittingly hammers him over the head. It’s Road Runner-Wile E Coyote territory with a homespun aesthetic and heaps of imagination and invention. It toys with the rules of theatre really wittily – mime allowing the laws of physics to bend – and Leone Marco Bartolo’s live soundtrack ups the rhythms of these routines”.

        Matt Trueman

        ★★★★ The Scotsman, Libertà 2009

        “This was an entertaining and provocative mime show by an Italian theatrical company-it was basically a gothic Mr Bean tale! My daughter Isobel, aged 8, really enjoyed it-she said, “It was really good, really funny.” Some younger children may find one of the main characters in the show, (a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang childcatcher lookalike complete with long prosthetic nose & black top hat) scary, but many will enjoy the knockabout slapstick scenes in the show: it was funny and energetic if a little on the dark side. Perhaps the real star of the show was the guitarist providing musical accompaniment-he received the loudest cheer at the end from the audience”.

        Primary Times 2010

        “Cientos de risas provocò el “Tommy y Jerry” teatral. En 55 minutos de puesta en escena , el director y actor Giuseppe Semeraro de la compania italiana Principio Attivo Teatro, logrò encantar a las cerca 300 personas (…) Si se puede entendere que la obra es la historia de un ombre solitario, que le teme a su sombra y que para su mala fortuna, termina siendo vecino de ella. Tras esto se da paso a una especie de “Tom y Jerry” teatral, musicalizado solo con una guitarra, por parte de Leone Marco Bartolo, quien se encarga de articular la banda Sonora y los efectos, dàndole énfasis a los movimentos de los actors. Semeraro terminò emocionado tras la recepciòn del public de lo Espejo, que les regalò una larga ovaciòn. “ se siente muy bien, el public estaba muy vivo, eso no es retorico, es real, los ninos estaban muy interesados en var la obra. Es muy bello ver a los chicos y a los màs grandes asì”

        Wilmen Krause

        Las Ultimas Noticias - Santiago of Chile A Mil Festival 2014

        “Extremely expressive despite featuring very few words, ‘A Story of a Man and His Shadow’ is incredibly charming and cleverly understated. A slightly confusing narrative does not detract from the overall visual feast of the piece as the action plays out between our adorable protagonist and a sinister figure determined to invade his house. The slapstick comedy which plays out between the two is amusing and had the younger members of the audience in fits of giggles. However it was the cameo performance of the man’s faithful balloon which delighted audience members most. Enchanting at every turn, ‘A Story of a Man and His Shadow’ is essential family viewing”.

        Christie Rolley

        ★★★★★ Three Weeks

        “One imagines that the members of the Principio Attivo Teatro are absolutely lethal at charades. This 55 minute piece is almost entirely wordless. A Man and His Shadow is slightly absurd mime theatre which takes place in a world where a man can fall in love with a balloon and do battle with his own shadow. Gradually increasing pace, building up the setting of the story (literally building them up: The Man lays out the dimensions for his own house) we get down to the really slapstick like humour. Slapstick as word though seems to somewhat demean the creative process going on here. True, there are prat falls, dynamite juggling and creeping round invisible corners that only the characters themselves can see, but it is all performed with such a grace and technique that it feels more than just wanton silliness”…

        Lia Sanders

        ★★★★ Brodwaybaby

        “I liked this show because it is very funny, a bit like a cartoon but with real people”

        Archie Lamb, age 5