Principio Attivo Teatro

Principio Attivo Teatro starts its activity in 2007 and gathers a group of actors and artists engaged since 20 years in theatre. The components of the group, coming from different background and experiences, received advanced professional training and work mainly in Lecce and the Salento area but also cooperate with well known companies at the national and international level.
Principio Attivo Teatro partecipates to important national Festivals and events, bringing its shows in the most important Italian theatres. Since 2009 the collective works also internationally, presenting its productions abroad (Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland, Croatia, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, Chile, Brasil).
In 2008 Principio Attivo Teatro obtaines important acknowledgements in the Italian theatre scene with “A Story of a Man and His Shadow (Damn Death)“, finalist at 2008 Premio Scenario Infanzia (Childhood Scene Prize). In 2010 the same production obtaines the EOLO AWARDS as best show of the year for children and youth and the PADUA PRIZE / FRIENDS OF EMANUELE LUZZATI within the XIX National Theatre Festival for children and youth. This production has now reached more than 300 reruns in Italy and abroad and continues to tour,  positively welcomed by audience and critics.
In 2011 Principio Attivo Teatro obtaines a new, important recognition, just a few months after the première of a new production, receives the special mention of the critics within the 6th edition of the Festebà Festival in Ferrara with “The Red Bike“. The same show obtains in 2013 the EOLO AWARDS as best dramaturgy of the year.
2012 sees three new productions: Hanà and Momò, a production for younger children (3+), presented at the festival Una città per gioco (A city for fun – Vimercate 2013), now at more than 100 reruns in  two years; “Senza Voce” (Voiceless), selected at the festival Roma Riparte (April 2013); and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, première at the festival Maggio all’Infanzia (Childhood May Festival, Bari, 2014).
In August 2013 Principio Attivo Teatro participates to the Edinbourgh Fringe Festival, one of the most important festivals of performing arts in the world,  with “A Story of a Man and His Shadow” and “The Red Bike”.
Since 2014 these productions reach also South America. “A Story of a Man and His Shadow” is selected for the Festival a Mil in Santiago de Chile and “The Red Bike” tours in Brasil.
To date Principio Attivo Teatro is working at a new show for adult audiences, Opera Nazionale Combattenti, première at the Novoli City Theatre in May 2015, and presented a preview of “Digiunando davanti al mare, per un racconto su Danilo Dolci” (Fasting in front of the Sea, for a story on Danilo Dolci) a teatro di narrazione (narrative theatre) production, also for adult audiences.
Besides being dedicated to producing and promoting, the members of the artistic collective are also working in other activities: programming and helding workshops, theatre trainings and labs adressed to children, teens and adults.
In 2013 Principio Attivo Teatro wins a tender within the project “Urban Rigeneration Leuca” of the City of Lecce, realizing the first edition of “PARCOSCENICO, Theatre Festival of Children”, and cooperates to creating and organizing the first edition of “Stelle e storielle” (Stars and stories), Kids and Youth Festival at the Paisiello Theatre in Lecce.
In 2014-2015 Principio Attivo Teatro is co-curator of the artistic direction and organization of “KIDS,  International Festival of Theatre and Arts for New Generations” (Lecce, 28 Dec. 2014 – 6 Jan. 2015).
Principio Attivo Teatro is member of Assitej Italy, whose mission is to unite theatres, organizations and individuals throughout the world dedicated to theatre for children and young people.

Giuseppe Semeraro

Actor, poet, director. He starts his actor training in 1993 at the Theatre Center Astragali. Since 2000 he starts a collaboration with Danio Manfredini and still works as an actor in all his productions. During these years, he works with Pippo del Bono as a replacement in the shows “Questo Buio Feroce” (This Wils Darkness) and “La Menzogna” (The Lie), directs two productions of Principio Attivo Teatro “Storia di un uomo e della sua ombra” (Story of a man and his shadow) and “La Bicicletta Rossa” (The Red Bike). In addition to his work as an actor, he devotes himself to writing and contributes to poetry magazines like, among others, “Argonauti” (c.ed.Argo) and “Poet/Bar nuova poesia salentina” (Besa Editrice). In 2003 his collection of poems “La cantica del lupo” (Narrative poem of the Wolf) was published by Besa Editrice.

Cristina Mileti

Cristina starts her theatrical training in 1991 in the Theatre Company Koreja in Lecce with which she collaborates as an actress and pedagogue until 2001. In 2007, she founds together with other actors Principio Attivo Teatro, where she is currently working as an actress and author. In 2010 she starts collaborating as an actress with Kismet Company in Bari. She completes and updates her training participating in seminars and workshops held, among others, by Pippo del Bono, Laura Curino, Alfonso Santagata, Marco Baliani, Renata Molinari, Adriana Zamboni, Augusto Omolu ‘, Gianluigi Gherzi, Jurij Alschitz, J. Mathhiessan, Nazrin Pourhossein, Cesar Brie. In the following years, she conceives and plans workshops addressed to adults and mainly to children, teaches physical training, acting, improvisation techniques and creative reading; in addition she experiments and teaches techniques for the creation and construction of objects and costumes made of recycled materials, for exhibitions and performances. Sensitive to social issues, she uses her skills to help disable persons to approach theatre; she taught theatre techniques in juvenile detention centres, institutions for the elderly and reception centres for minors.

Otto Marco Mercante

Actor, author, director, light designer, technician. Graduates at D.A.M.S. (Department of Art, Music and Performing Arts) and studies dance and theatre with teachers like: Kaja Anderson, Marco Baliani, Alessandro Berti, Jairo Cuesta, Pippo Del Bono, Mamadou Dioume, Marco Martinelli, Claudio Morganti, Bruce Myers, Pepe Robledo e Michele Abbondanza, Antonella Bertoni, Simona Bertozzi, Monica Francia, Anna Redi e Tery Weikel. Works as actor-dancer with different directors, choreographers and national and international renowned groups as Monica Francia Amadossalto, that he co-founds, L’Impasto, Le Albe, Marco Baliani, Monica Casadei, Compagnia Abbondanza Bertoni, Accademia degli Artefatti, Werner Wass. Beside having directed his own productions, Otello Titolo Provvisorio (Otello Working Title – finalist at Scenario Prize 2000) and L’incendiario (The Arsonist), thanks to the occupation of the TPO Bologna (Occupied Polivalent Theatre) he develops organizational and technical and lighting expertise. With Principio Attivo Teatro (that he co-founds) he gave proof of all these skills.

Dario Cadei

Actor, set designer, trainer. He attends the School of Theatre Dance and Folk Music of Lecce and the International Theatre Training Centre VeneziaInscena; follows numerous laboratories and workshops in theater and Commedia dell’Arte, clowning and juggling, acrobatics and mime; participates also in experimental teaching projects, workshops and training (Specimen Theatre, Sonosveglio and Teatro Naturale) and takes part in the theatre activity of Teatro delle Foglie, Bottega dei Piccoli, VeneziaInScena and Factory Compagnia Transadriatica. Since 2005 he is artistic and organizational director of the Salento Buskers Festival and director of artistic projects and training related to live and nomadic performance (La tribù dei Sempre Allegri-Carovana dei Poeti, Gessetti&Straccetti, Social Circus and Trampuglia-Traballante Teatro). To date he mainly performs as actor, set designer and trainer with Principio Attivo Teatro of which he was a founder in 2007.

Silvia Lodi

Actress, performer and educator. Trained at the J. Grotowski Workcenter in Pontedera, and thanks to the encounter with teachers like Danio Manfredini, Paola Manfredi, Amber D’Amico, Remondi and Caporossi, Dominique De Fazio, Yoshi Oida and Gabriella Bartolomei, deepens her knowledge of the art of theater. Since 1992 works professionally with research theater companies of national relevance as the Piccolo Teatro in Pontedera, Teatro Settimo, Teatro Valdoca, Kismet and CRT Koreja. At the same time, she teaches acting techniques in several Italian cities. Silvia continues to carry on a personal research on the use of the voice in relation to the body that results in performances in non conventional urban spaces.


Leone Marco Bartolo

A singer, a musician, a tireless improviser and calculator of rare expressiveness musical moments; not only a guitarist, but a versatile multi-instrumentalist and arranger, imbued with shades of classical and rock sounds. He is one of the authors and live music performer of the play Story of a Man and his Shadow by Principio Attivo Teatro, winner of the awards “Eolo” and “Padua” 2010. For the salentinian company he arranges sound tracks (with original and edited music) of the productions The Red Bike, Doctor Jekyll e Mr. Hyde and Opera Nazionale Combattenti. A Principio Attivo Teatro’s production is also the recital Senza voce (Without Voice) where, performing on guitar some songs of Rosa Balistreri, the story of the Calabrian brigand Ciccilla is told, interpreted by Silvia Lodi.

Fabrizio Pugliese

Actor, Author and Director. Fabrizio starts his training in Bologna (degree at DAMS /Department of Art, Music and Performing Arts, Teatro delle Moline, Coop. del Brumaio, University Theatre) and Cosenza (S. Valentini and C. Pouzet for dance theatre, V. Puxeddu for art therapy). Since 1993 is member of the Cooperative Koreja, now Teatro Stabile per l’Innovazione (Innovation Permanent Theatre) and works as actor and author in almost all productions both of youth theatre and drama. In 2011 he leaves Koreja to return to Principio Attivo Teatro, that he previously co-founded, cooperating in pre-existing productions and creating new ones.

Francesca Randazzo

Actress, painter, educationalist. Graduates at the D.A.M.S. (Department of Art, Music and Performing Arts, Bologna University). Specializes and obtains a master at University of Rome 3 in MusicArTerapy – Global Languages Method Guerra Lisi (Lecce). She operates transversally in various artistic fields ranging from painting, illustration, photography, film language, covering various tasks (author, art direction and production, directing and post production). Curator of educational workshops for children in schools and foster homes across the country, with a special focus in the provinces of Lecce and Brindisi. Since 2010 she collaborates with Principio Attivo Teatro, alongside her work as actress, also with as content creator and designer for projects and communication.

Raffaella Romano

Promoter, artistic director. She graduates in Communication Sciences at the University of Macerata. Since 2009, she collaborates with Principio Attivo Teatro as an organizer, is responsible for promotion and manages the distribution of the Company production. Since 2014 she is artistic co-director of “Kids” international festival of theatre and arts for new generations, in Lecce.